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Rainbow Alpha Force

Welcome to the home of the City of Heroes/Villains Rainbow Alpha Force family of supergroups on the Victory & Exalted servers. We are an active and friendly GLBT and friends group.

Created by Geo-68 in January of 2006, Our membership encompasses the spectrum of gaymers. Our members are helpful, friendly and polite both inside the supergroup and in City of Heroes at large. As gaymers we represent a very large population within the ‘City of’ franchise.

Thanks to the support of NcSoft and it’s community coordinators, In June of 2007, Rainbow Alpha Force held the first ‘Rainbow Prom’, which was featured by and brought gaymers from all 12 servers to the Victory server for 1 incredible night.

Rainbow Alpha Force doesn’t try to ‘blend’ in we strive to create an open community where fair play, loyalty, and respect are valued and where both the most grizzled veteran, the new player and the newest member of the Rainbow Alpha Force family feel equally at home. We take care of each other because that’s what we think is fun and rewarding about being part of an online community.

We are an active group, and we have the facilities and the prestige to match. In our 5 years of operation, we’ve had write ups in and other related national publications. All much appreciated-but not our main purpose. We’re here to enjoy the game and to enjoy the company of our fellow Gaymers.

On Victory
Rainbow Alpha Force
Rainbow Alpha Force Legends
The Roughbacks

On Exalted
Rainbow Alpha Force
Rainbow Alpha Force Legends
Rainbow Alpha Rebellion

We provide an active, fun, friendly and safe player environment.
Our membership includes players from across the United States , Canada , the United kingdom, Australia and South America.

We consistently team & run missions, task forces, & hosting regular events for the entire city of community to enjoy.

Our membership includes casual to dedicated players, new player, as well as many veterans, and even role players.

Our members assist each other in many ways creating an environment of cooperation that enriches game play for all in the coalition.

All our groups are connected via our private global crossserver channel which allows members to communicate with each other regardless what supergroup they are in or what server or character.

Come play with us.

There’s more to each of us than possessing
super powers or being gay.
it means possessing strength of will
–A self identity–
that nothing can subvert, for better or worse.
it is not merely about being gay,
but being a hero

when you accept

who you are, ALL of who you are
only then can you be free, and freedom is power

 If you would like to join us please just register and complete the appplication, one of our officers will contact you as soon as possible



when you accept

Basic Information

Rules of Conduct

1. Be courteous to all players, both in and out of the Super Group. There is no reason to be verbally abusive to anybody. Racism, sexism, religious slurs and any other forms of verbal abuse will not be tolerated.

2. Do not interfere with another players' enjoyment of the game.  This includes stealing, griefing, leeching, deceiving, or manipulating other members for secondary gain. Although members are expected to help each other out as much as possible, please do not force other members to quit their teams in mid-battle to join yours. This is extremely discourteous to the member's teammates and goes against gaming etiquette. Be patient and wait for the desired member to finish their ongoing mission before expecting them to join your team.
    When joining a team, you are also expected to contribute to the battle in the best possible way you can. Leeching off XP or influence by standing around and doing nothing while your team members do all the fighting also constitutes very poor gaming etiquette.

3. Consequences. On a first offense you may get a warning but there is nothing stopping the any of the officers from immediately dismissing you from the group if they see fit. As you make your way through the different zones, you represent the Super Group, carrying our name and pride. Please do not give us a bad image. Always respect other players and be civil.

4. Power Levelling. Please do not ask anyone to power level you. This is considered poor conduct as most worthy members have worked very hard to earn their levels. If somebody offers to power level you, it is okay to accept. However, please bear in mind that power levelling is not a basic function of this super group.

5. Social interaction is highly encouraged.  The supergroup should be a beacon of support for all members. Teaming up as often as possible is highly recommended. Chatting in the SG global and coalition chat channels and posting on the forums is also highly recommended.



Geo-68, Oct 19, 11 9:44 AM.
We will be hosting the offical Halloween CC on oct 30th at 8pm est on the exalted server pls spread the word


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